10 Apps every social media manager needs

One of the admired skills in the digital marketing sphere is the role of a Social Media Manager because it creates an opportunity to be innovative and creative. They are gifted to always see the bigger picture. 

The good thing about being a social media manager is that there is no shortage of tools, tech or resources but the bad news is there are so many that we are yet to find that one tool that does everything for us. 

Every social media manager needs scheduling, design, email marketing and project management apps to make their job easier and effective. Let’s break them down here. 

As a social media manager, you always have to schedule your post automatically so you won’t lose track of time as you need to understand your audience and the time they would be available to engage with your post. 

Look no further, here are some tools that you could use in scheduling such posts

Hootsuite, Buffer, Planoly and many more. 

With these apps, you can plan your content, schedule the time you want them to auto post and input your caption and hashtags. Asides the automation, they help with analytics and engagement of your top performing contents to keep you abreast on how you can do better. 

Most of the apps are free for a limited time but you would get a feel on how well it can help you. In due time, you can always unlock more features on paid plans. 

You don’t have to be a spectacular graphics designer with 10 years experience before you can design. 

There are nice Design apps with cool templates you can work with subsequently which would help make content look more appealing and social media worthy. An example of such which has been a life-saver when it to ease is Canva

Canva is a platform that makes design and video editing easier and simple to learn. Although it’s for starters but if you do have the opportunity to learn how to use Adobe design tools, pls do not hesitate to do that because it’s a plus for you. 

You should try your hands on them to see which you prefer and ensure to keep practicing. There are free templates you can experiment with and there is an option to upgrade your plans. 

Email marketing is the new rave and it helps you stay in touch with your customers and potential clients. Email service providers give you an automated way to collect new client leads, educate them on your services, share openings on your roster and offer new services. It’s quite tasking to do this manually. To help make your work easier, there are two apps we recommend namely

  • Mailchimp and 
  • ConvertKit.

These tools provide flexibility in tracking records and give you an overview of how you can even do better with the kind of emails you send. So you can see it’s a two-way thing. 

One of the most important skills of all is Project Management. As a social media manager, you should have a project management tool for your task, contents and creatives especially when you are working with a team. It helps keep tabs on everyone and keep them on their feet to let them know how far everyone has gone and better ideas they can implement for the success of the project. 

Google Drive and Asana are examples of such tools. You can use this to organize your tasks and numerous client’s work. 

Be sure to download these apps and try them out. You’ll thank me later. 

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