5 most common mistakes you make during an interview

In today’s world, you are either applying for jobs, an entrepreneur or an employer. It is important to go in prepared when you have been called for an interview so you do not flop. Here are 5 common mistakes people make during an interview. 

  1. Ill-preparedness; This is so common that it is almost a cliche. You can never be over prepared for an interview. When you have not made enough research about the company and its board, there is no way you would be able to answer the interview questions appropriately. And that is a big mistake. 
  2. Poor body posture and expression: Your posture tells a story even your mouth cannot. It is absolutely fine to be scared and nervous during any interview but please try as much as possible not to let your expression and body language reflect it. One could read it as you being unprepared for the interview and maybe even not ready for the job market.   
  3. Talking too much/ talking off point: Nobody likes a talkative. Not even people who cast for the role of one. You must learn to keep your answers to questions direct and concise unless asked otherwise. Talking too much does not reflect knowledge. 
  4. Dressing inappropriately: Dress the way you want to be addressed in the interview. Let your attire reflect that you are a professional who has a good dress sense and is not flashy. Do not wear overly tight or loose clothes No wardrobe malfunction will be pardoned during interviews. There would be no ‘please permit me to go and fix my button, it just popped’. You might as well kiss that job goodbye. 
  5. Resume not tallying with company’s goal: There is a high probability that your cv will be skimmed. The employer will be on the lookout for what you have to offer the company and if it does not tally with their goals, there would be no questions to ask you. Please be sure to apply for jobs which suit you and that you can give your best.

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