5 ways to retain your best talent

Every employee is at your company for them to add value to it and earn from the value they bring. Every employer wants people who can build and manage their brand. Before they got an employee, he or she followed the process of submitting CVs and going through an interview/interviews. Before they get retained, you scanned through their skills to see if that’s what your company really needs. They get hired and the next thing is to give them a job description and make sure they drain themselves as long as they deliver?

It’s no surprise that it’s what most employers and people managers do. For every brand that wants to grow, you can’t overwork your employees if you want progress and prosperity, you can’t ignore the need of your employees if the company wants to progress. I don’t mean you should go down and begin to smile with everyone but treat them like they are an asset to the organization. For sustainable business growth and development, you need financial growth and to achieve financial growth, a lot of emphasis needs to be placed on employee’s performance.

The business terrain is vast and competitive. We have different trends daily, the market is evolving, there are different products coming up, more direct and indirect competitors, more companies opening up opportunities and leveraging on partnerships. Moreover, most businesses want to excel at the same time.  Creativity and uniqueness shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s like studying for an algebra exam without knowing how to add or subtract values. 

Below are 5 ways to retain your best talent:

• Online courses: 

It’s not a crime to buy them courses related to their field of specialization. Most employers believe if they invest in them probably they would leave the company and move somewhere else. Well, if you make your employees comfortable and you treat them right, they would be willing to put in more efforts because they won’t want to let you down. Investing in an asset multiplies your financial status which is why you need to do an evaluation before and after to see how much impact you have made as an employer with this little step you took. Maximization of an employee’s skill would help increase productivity.

• Give them the opportunity to speak up:  

Most employees have ideas, they are very innovative but they don’t find that because they are focused more on just delivering the job like every employer wants to rather than being innovative with it. You could try holding a meet-up where you discuss the then and now of the organization with a brief on where you expect to be in the next few years. You would be surprised by the ideas you get from some people. Engaging your employees in productive discussion is an opportunity for them to reflect. Reminding your employees their duties and knowing about the challenges they might be facing is an avenue to build a responsibility mindset in their head. Don’t assume they know the WHY of the organization. Set up meetings to remind everyone and give them an avenue to share their experiences so far having to work in your organization. You can arrange for an anonymous. Everyone should pick a sticky note and write anything they want to. No-one knows who exactly it is but at least everyone is aware of what’s happening and it would be easy to address.

• Provide them with the necessary tools to work effectively:  

Having gone through the process of equipping them in promoting their already existing skills, providing them with the necessary tools to work is another thing. Not investing in new tools and technology is like you taking a programming course without practicing. Make your workers showcase their talent even better when you provide them with necessary tools they need to make their job easier, faster and result-driven.  

• Be transparent and honest: Keeping your employees abreast on what’s going on in the organization would show a level of assurance. Keeping them informed on major decisions when needed is another thing that would work. As an employer you can’t be always right and you can’t assume for your employees. People see things from different perspectives and you won’t be surprised if your idea might be fine-tuned into something better by an employee you didn’t even want to tell in the first place.

• Encourage a collaborative environment: 

Giving your employees the opportunity to collaborate enables them to share knowledge and optimize the workflow processes. Collective thinking helps spur innovation and creativity amongst them thereby maximizing productivity and proffering deep rooted solutions for the growth of the organization at large. It creates an to work efficiently and work effectively because every employee would have the mindset of them having a major role to play in the organization’s prosperity.  

Every employer has a role to play towards the employees asides just stamping their paycheck. It’s high time we see things from a bigger picture. For more tips, kindly watch out for our subsequent emails and you can visit our website wwwcareerxpress.co to stay updated as well.